Top 5 Benefits of Flat Pack Kitchens for Cabinet Makers Perth

22 August 2018

Kitchen renovations are more popular than ever and if you’re a cabinet maker, this can mean you have a number of jobs on the go at once. For cabinet makers in Perth, choosing flat pack kitchens can be a smart business choice when it comes to undertaking kitchen renovations for your customers. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages for cabinet makers when you choose flat pack options.


1.Saves you time

To make a profit with your cabinet making business, you need to be able to complete jobs in a timely manner. With flat pack kitchens, you don’t need to spend time making the cabinets yourself – you just send off for the cabinets or accessories that you need. The fact that you can spend less time on manufacturing means you can focus on other aspects on the business, such as customer service and quotes.


2.Reduces overheads

Manufacturing cabinets yourself can be expensive when you consider the overheads of equipment, materials and rent. Using a flat pack kitchen company means that you have reduced overheads and no need for additional insurance and other costs.


3.Quick delivery

If you have a number of jobs on the go, you don’t want to be delayed waiting for your cabinets to arrive so you can start the installation process. With a reliable flat pack kitchen manufacturer, you can be confident that it will take no time at all before your products are ready to go. Look for a company who offers easy online ordering and delivery options for when you’re pressed for time.


4.Customised options

As a cabinet maker, you’re skilled at creating customised cabinets for your customers. Luckily, flat pack kitchens don’t just come in modular sizes – many companies are offering customised options where you can enter your specific measurements for cabinets which perfectly fit into the space. This means you get a customised product without the high price tag.


5.Good quality

Just because a kitchen is flat packed doesn’t mean that it’s poor quality. Many flat pack cabinet options are made from high quality materials which is moisture resistant to withstand the punishment they get in the kitchen. Look for a company who offers superior quality and ask questions about their individual products so you can be confident of what you’re getting.


Here at eKitchens, we proudly supply our customised flat pack cabinets to some of the best cabinet makers in Perth. We have no website commissions and we manufacture all of our cabinets ourselves – no outsourcing! With our easy to use website, you can keep an eye on the progress of your order and we offer pick-up and delivery options. Trade discounts apply!


For more information about our range of flat packed kitchen cabinets, contact eKitchens today on (08) 9456 3108.

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