Top 5 tips for Organising your Kitchen Cabinets

27 November 2020
Top 5 tips for organising your kitchen cabinets

We are all at home now more then ever, and spending more time at home means we notice the little things. We’ve all done it, busily trying to clean up the kitchen and thrown things back into the cabinets saying to yourself ‘ill go through and organise that cupboard later’. Well today might be that day, with these clever tips to help get those cabinets organised!


  1. Drawers for storage

Putting more drawer space in will transform your Kitchen. Instead of having one cabinet with one shelf in the middle, opt for putting 3-4 drawers in its place. Have your cutlery in your top drawer, stack your plates & bowls in the middle drawer and your baking dishes in your bottom drawer – this will keep everything organised. Another great spot for drawers is your pantry! Do you always find it hard to find items you have stacked at the back? With drawers you will be able to utilise the whole depth of your pantry with a simple pull of the drawer.


  1. Cutlery and Utensil Trays

We’ve all been rummaging through our drawers trying to find our whisk or teaspoon amongst everything else we have chucked in the same drawer. But there is an easy solution, with trays or dividers, you can separate as much or as little as you like. When putting all your cutlery or utensils into a tray or divider you will probably find you have more space in your drawer then you first thought! Knife holders and accessories kits that include wrap and foil dispensers are becoming a popular option for ultimate organisation.


  1. Wire Dividers

Items such as chopping boards, and baking trays can be difficult to store and it’s generally a waste of space and hard to access if you have them lying flat on top of each other, and on the other hand they often fall over if they are stored upright. Purchase some narrow dividers to help keep your items upright, even put an extra divider in to separate your chopping board and baking trays. Other Wireware options also allow easy storage for items such as spices, bottles and tea towels that extend out when opening your drawer.


  1. Turn tables and Lazy Susans

Lazy susans are great for those tight corner cabinets that you just cant seem to reach into, stack your items on and give it a spin. Another spot that can be hard to access is the top shelves of your pantry, using a turn table will allow you to see all those goodies usually hidden away. 


  1. Kitchen Hooks

You can use hanging hooks for various different items in your kitchen such as mugs, pots, pans, utensils, tea towels or anything else you can think of. Hanging items will not only clear your bench space but you are utilising space that may have been otherwise wasted. You can make the hooks a feature, putting them above your cook top with all your favourite cooking utensils on display or on the back of a cupboard door hidden from sight.



There are many way you can get creative when organising your Kitchen, look at products that will go with the style of you and your space.

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