Top 5 Tips for Organising Your Kitchen Pantry

16 March 2018
Kitchen Pantrys Tips By eKitchens In Perth

We all have good intentions when it comes to keeping our pantry organised but it’s easier said than done. If your pantry is a complete mess, you’re not alone! So, how do you get it in order? As kitchen cabinet makers in Perth, we’ve made a few pantries in our time so today we’ll be looking at some of our easy tips for getting the pantry organised.


1.Take everything out

Most of us completely underestimate the amount of products we have hiding in the pantry. To tame your unruly pantry, put aside some time and take everything out for display on your benchtop. Immediately get rid of products which have expired or that you know you won’t use. This also gives you a change to see what duplicate items you have and group them together.


2.Buy some clear containers

One of the best (and most satisfying!) ways of getting your pantry looking amazing is to invest in some clear containers of various sizes to store dry goods. Transfer products such as flour, sugar, pasta, dried fruit, rice, legumes and cereal into containers and then clearly label. This not only does away with messy packets, it also means you can easily store and stack your items while seeing exactly what you have.


3.Use trays for grouping

If you’re sick of grouping items together only to have them appear all over the place in the pantry, buying some trays or small plastic bins is the perfect solution. This allows you to group items such as sauce bottles or spices together in a confined area so they stay put. This strategy works for similar items such as tinned goods, after school snacks, and tea and coffee supplies.


4.Have a basket for items you need to use up

One of the main culprits for pantry clutter are those half opened packets of exotic ingredients that you haven’t gotten around to finishing. To clear out some of this excess, have a specific basket of items that you need to use up and plan recipes around these ingredients. If certain items have been in the basket for too long, get rid of them!


5.Review your pantry once a week

Once you have your pantry looking great, keep it up by taking a few minutes each week to do a quick tidy. It’s much easier to maintain your pantry than it is to do the massive overhaul every few wmonths. Taking a proper look at your pantry each week also helps remind you what you have in there which can save you money on your grocery bill.


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