Top 6 Essential Kitchen Accessories

22 June 2018
Essential Kitchen Accessories By eKitchens

It seems like every time you turn on the television, there is a new kitchen accessory up for grabs – some useful, and some not so useful! A carefully selected kitchen accessory, such as the humble kitchen cutlery tray, can go a long way to increasing the functionality of your space and make life a lot easier. Today, we’ll be taking a look at our top picks of essential kitchen accessories that you should consider when designing your new space.


1.Cutlery tray

Yes, we’ve already mentioned this one and it deserves top spot as it’s hard to find a kitchen without a cutlery tray! This clever invention makes organising your cutlery a breeze – how on earth did people find teaspoons before it was invented?


2.Pull-out bin

No kitchen is complete without a bin and the advent of the pull-out bin has made things a lot easier. Instead of having to dive into a cupboard to find a bin, the pull out bin makes it a streamlined process. If you don’t have a pull-out bin, it might be time for an upgrade.



You can’t have a kitchen without a sink and this highly functional accessory comes in a number of options. You can opt for the popular double sink and drainer for easy washing and rinsing, or go for a single bowl option which is a sensible choice in a smaller space.


4.Cupboard handles

The beauty of cupboard handles is that not only are they an obvious addition from a functional perspective, they can also add personality to the space. Whether you choose a modern-look flat handle or classic knobs, there are so many options which can help boost the look of your kitchen.


5.Chopping board

The kitchen is all about food preparation and having a good chopping board is one of the ultimate kitchen accessories. If you’re a keen cook, the bigger the better – a good sized wooden chopping board is also a great feature for the middle of the kitchen bench.


6.Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives are accessories that most of us have on our benchtops and they make entertaining and general food preparation much easier.  Get the best quality within your budget – they’ll make day to day tasks much easier and will last longer than cheaper options.

f you’re looking for kitchen accessories to increase the functionality of your space, eKitchens have a range of options available. We stock cutlery trays of all sizes to accommodate various sized drawers, including a large 900mm cutlery tray option – perfect for the entertainer with lots of cutlery on hand! Along with kitchen accessories, we specialise in custom flat packed kitchen cabinets, which are available in a choice of over 200 colours and finishes.

For custom kitchens, along with a range of accessories, contact eKitchens today on (08) 9456 3108.

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