Top Kitchen Trends in 2020 You Should Know

19 August 2020
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Has your kitchen seen better days? It might be time to give it a much-needed update and renovation. Stay ahead of the curve and remodel your kitchen using 2020’s most popular colour combination and designs. As handpicked by the experts themselves, here are a few worth considering:

Walnut Cabinetry


Known for its rich, dark colour, natural warmth and fine grain, walnut wood has become quite popular among homeowners this year. As a result, walnut cabinetry has been making its way into more kitchens to give the space a more classy and put-together appearance. If you’re thinking of jumping on this trend, make sure to hire skilled kitchen cabinet makers in Perth. Perth is home to some of the best craftspeople in the country. If you still want a dark wood but don’t like Walnut, Cerused wood is another great option.

Maximised Marble


Marble has always been a favourite among interior designers and homeowners for use in the kitchen. After all, the veining in marble provides a bold and graphic statement. In 2020, the use of marble is more prominent in kitchens not as an accent, but as the main theme. Using marble as a material for kitchen islands and backsplashes has become a surprisingly regal way to increase the style factor of one’s kitchen.

Ash Wood


Wood is back and enjoying a stylish revival this year. Subtle-grain ash wood has become quite popular because it pairs well with manmade stone fixtures and adds warmth to a kitchen. Get gorgeous ash wood cabinets made to your liking with the services of professional custom cabinet makers in Perth. Perth has many companies that specialise in cabinetry, kitchen renovations and more.

Unconventional Materials


This year, homeowners who don’t want wood in their kitchen have more options. Leather, unfinished metal, and others have made their way into modern kitchens in 2020. This is largely because more homeowners care more about the way their kitchens look and want to experiment with other materials for a more striking visual aesthetic. Like any statement, make sure to keep everything else sleek and simple so these new materials can truly stand out.

Coloured Cabinetry


It has become quite popular to have vibrant-hued cabinets in your kitchen. They add a nice pop of colour to an otherwise boring space, especially because they are usually a part of a kitchen’s interior design that our eyes are naturally drawn to. Make the most of your kitchen’s design and make a statement by choosing an eye-catching colour for it.

Blacked Out



Aside from colour, there are homeowners that enjoy the classic statement that black has. But how do you make it work for a kitchen without making the space look like a sleazy bar or nightclub? Pair it with textured woods and potted plants, of course. Adding these elements makes black look more inviting, homey and luxurious.

Pet Cantinas


Include everyone in the family during meal time by installing a space where the family pet can eat and drink in your kitchen. More kitchens are being fitted with a specific area for your pet’s food and water bowls so feeding them can be less messy and much more convenient for you. Your Favourite Colours Yes, your kitchen can have just as much personality as the rest of your house does. There really is nothing stopping you from choosing your signature hues for the colour scheme of your kitchen, except maybe your imagination and creativity. Contrasting combinations will certainly make this space pop and can be an extension of your personality too. Moreover, your kitchen will always look timeless because these are the colours you like the most.

Eco-friendly Kitchens



As more homeowners are becoming aware of the impact of their activities on the environment, more and more kitchens are being fitted with sustainable materials and fixtures as a response to that. While it is on the nose, the use of the colour green is also commonly paired with these environmentally friendly materials to effectively sell the theme of a green kitchen.

Double Islands


For homes with bigger kitchens, many homeowners are opting to install two islands instead of one to make the area look more spacious. The look of two islands makes the kitchen also look more inviting so it can be a common area for gatherings, sharing meals, nightcaps and much more. Moreover, two islands make cooking an elaborate feast for your family easier to manage.

Bolder Backsplashes


Backsplashes are not going anywhere this year, but homeowners and interior designers are taking them to the next level. Gone are the days when earth-toned tiles were the only option you can work with for this fixture. Many backsplashes are now being designed with funky tile patterns with shapes and materials that bring warmth and character to the space. Hexagon tiles, raw brick, bold colours, windows that look out to the garden, nothing is off limits but a splashback is a great part of the kitchen to make it your own.

Handleless Design


In 2020, the latest trends in contemporary design heavily lean toward a free-flowing and minimalistic overall look. With this comes cabinets, drawers and other fixtures that lack visible handles. Homeowners can now choose between automated cabinets and drawers or recessed handles to access what they need. In addition to boosting the aesthetic appeal of one’s kitchen, handleless kitchen cabinets are also more child-friendly and ideal for people with limited mobility as well.

Pantry Cupboard


Pantry Cupboards have become a must-have in many modern kitchens. It makes sense to have one because the large size makes a larder able to accommodate different food items so you can keep all your groceries in one place. With a larder cupboard in your kitchen, you no longer have to go through different cupboards and cabinets to find something. Everything you could possibly need is already there. Additionally, a well-designed larder can be a practical part of the kitchen’s look as well.

Golden Sinks


The tap and sink in your kitchen present great opportunities for enhancing the look of the space. These days, faucets come in a multitude of colours and many homeowners are now getting matching sinks for their kitchen. Though no colour has been as popular as gold in 2020 as it elevates the look of a simple-looking kitchen. When deciding on the design of your kitchen, don’t neglect your tap and sink. They may be functional, but they can be a style statement too.

Sleek Organisation


The modern kitchen no longer has to include a wall of cupboards and drawers as storage. More emphasis has been placed on design and accessibility as too many cupboards can make a kitchen look too cluttered and busy. Be strategic with putting in fixtures for storage by optimising the space you have in your kitchen. Have one cupboard and alternate it with a larder, display shelves, a spice cabinet and more. Remember to keep things neat and free-flowing so your kitchen maintains that sleek look.

Old Meets New


Neo-traditionalism has been trendy as well in 2020. Under this style theme, contrast takes centre stage in the form of combining traditional and modern details. More and more homeowners have been styling their kitchens with vintage design elements and sleek technology. The mixing of rustic and contemporary elements create a unique space that anyone would love to prepare food in. Get inspired by these 2020 kitchen trends and start your new kitchen journey in 2020 these trends into the design elements. If you require skilled kitchen renovation or custom cabinetry services, you can turn to eKitchens for help.

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