Top Tips for Kitchen Renovations on a Budget

22 March 2023

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, a lot of people tend to struggle with getting the results they want and keeping it within their budget. It is very easy to get carried away and spend lots more money than you need to! Luckily, if you’re considering completing a kitchen renovation there are some easy ways to transform your space into an area you, the rest of your family and your friends will all love whilst also managing to stick to a budget! 

Many homeowners hold off on renovating their outdated kitchens for fear of having to spend a fortune to achieve what they want. Although renovating your kitchen is an investment, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think! Keep reading to discover some of our top tips when it comes to keeping your kitchen renovation within budget. 


1. Look for flatpack options

Flatpack cabinets are a great way to save some money during your renovations. If you aren’t afraid of a little DIY, flatpack cabinetry options may make a big difference in your expenditure! 

Even if you are looking for custom-sized cabinets, find a company that can provide the flat pack and you’ll get a lot more value for your money. However, before you purchase flatpack cabinets for your kitchen renovation on a budget, make sure you check that they are easy to assemble as the last thing you want is to struggle to assemble your chosen products and then have to employ someone to assemble them for you, as that defeats the object! 


2. Save on Tradies

When completing your kitchen renovation, one of the expensive outgoings is paying for tradies. In most cases, for a full kitchen renovation, you will need at least a plumber and electrician to help you out. However, you can avoid this outgoing by keeping your electrics and plumbing in their existing position and working your new kitchen around them. Of course, there may be times when this is impossible, but if it can be avoided it will help you save a nice chunk of money! 

As mentioned above flatpack cabinetry can help you save money during your kitchen renovation. To continue with the DIY theme, if you can also remove your existing cabinets and install the new ones yourself you can save even more money and enjoy being hands-on in the process of your dream kitchen coming to life! 


3. Think about what’s important to you

When it comes to completing your kitchen renovation on a budget, the chances are you won’t be able to afford top-of-the-line products throughout the kitchen. Instead, you’ll have to think about what areas are most important to you and then consider spending less money on the aspects that aren’t as important to you. For example, you may want to splurge on a glass splashback but then offset the cost by choosing to go with a laminate benchtop


4. Keep an eye out for bargains.

One way to help keep your costs down will be to keep an eye out for reduced items or any offers. This will allow you to get the things you want but at a cheaper price! 

The best way to do this would be to start looking early, to give yourself more time to find yourself a bargain before crunch time comes and your renovation is ready to be complete! Although it’s important to stick within your budget, remember you don’t want to be disappointed with the final product. So whilst you’re shopping around for any bargains, make sure you don’t compromise on the look you’re after. For example, if you choose to go with set-size cabinets because they were cheaper than custom cabinetry, it could result in your space looking odd as the cabinets might not fit perfectly.

Or perhaps your appliances need replacing as well. Most people just tend to browse online or head to a big box retailer for a brand-new stainless-stell refrigerator or cooktop and call it a day. However, you can save lots of money if you are prepared to put in a bit of effort and shop around. Make sure you do some price comparison and don’t be afraid to ask for a discount or price match! Most local businesses are willing to price match to make a sale, so you can have the refrigerator you’ve always wanted at a lower price.  


5.Use open shelving. 

Whilst kitchen cabinets are still essential for storage, having open shelving has its advantages. Not only is open shelving becoming increasingly popular, but it can also help create a more open and airy atmosphere in your kitchen. 

Open shelves are significantly cheaper than kitchen cabinets, not only to purchase but also to install. They provide convenient access to the items that you use most or items that you want others to see. Open shelving is a great way to showcase art and other items that you want to display to create visual interest. Not only that, but you can use your open shelving to store items that you often forget you have but wish you used more! Being able to constantly see the item will remind you that you have it and encourage you to use it. 

You can also use opening shelving as a feature point within your kitchen, not only can you use it to display items, but you could also have your open shelving in a different colour to your cabinet doors. This will make the shelving stand out and be a great way to add a bit of colour and brighten up your kitchen without putting yourself out of pocket. 



Here at eKitchens, we have a comprehensive experience in helping facilitate some of the most incredible kitchen renovations in Perth. Our designers can assist you with preparing for your kitchen renovation and inform you of things you may not have even thought of when designing your brand-new space!

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