What to consider when buying flatpack kitchens

8 July 2021

Flatpack kitchens have come a long way over the years and are a brilliant cost effective option for any renovation however there is multiple things to consider before deciding if a flatpack kitchen is right for you.


Time allowance

When it’s time to install your new flatpack kitchen you may have allowed a weekend or a set amount of time for the installation to be carried out, keep in mind though, if you have ordered flatpack cabinets, you will also need to allow time to assemble your cabinetry as well. If it is your first time assembling these products it may take you a bit of time to get used the assembly process. We would recommend you over-cater on your time allowance and take your time with it to get it right, this will help avoid stress building up throughout the process.


Skill level

If you do not consider yourself to be very handy or find that assembling flatpack cabinets can often end up with you pulling your hair out, you may want to consider hiring a cabinet maker to do the job for you. Alternatively some flatpack cabinetry companies may offer pre-assembly with their services and you might want to consider this option as well. eKitchens offers pre-assembly on all of their cabinets at a very affordable rate.



Budget plays a big factor in a lot of renovation projects and flatpack kitchens can be the more budget friendly option if doing DIY. Keep in mind though if you are not planning on doing the project as DIY and plan to get a cabinet maker to do the assembly and install for you, you will need to factor the cost of the cabinet maker into your budget as well. Consider if you’re time budget or money budget is more important as well.


At eKitchens, we provide custom made flatpack kitchen cabinets with mortise & tenon construction for easy assembly and a stronger cabinet. We have experienced designers available to assist you with the design and ordering process. Contact us today on (08) 9456 3108 or sales@ekitchens.com.au or pop into one of our showrooms to view our range.

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