What to do when buying a flatpack kitchen

28 November 2022

So you’ve decided to tackle the much needed kitchen renovation have you? Looking at giving a flatpack kitchen a go too? How exciting!

Flatpack kitchens are so popular these days and can be purchased from so many different suppliers. Such a task does come along with a decent sized “To do” list as we all know and trying to remember all the things to do can sometimes be a challenge. Ordering a flatpack kitchen can be an enjoyable and very rewarding experience so to help you keep it that way, we have listed below some things you will need to consider and arrange along the way.


The Cabinet Maker

If you want to get it perfect and don’t fully have the knowledge or skills needed to do the kind of flatpack kitchen you are going for, then a Cabinet maker is definitely your best bet. Find an experienced Cabinet maker who can handle the measuring, assembly and installation for you, their knowledge and experience will be the key to achieving a seamless kitchen compared to a kitchen a little rough around the edges.


Other Tradesmen

Don’t forget about the other necessary tradesmen you will need through out the install process. Are you planning on moving the Sink? Or looking to move some powerpoints or the cooktop or fridge? Are you replacing your benchtop? Then remember to arrange your plumbers and electricians for these tasks and don’t forget to factor the price of these in your budget! Quite often, one tradesmen will not be able to complete all the tasks you need done for your new flatpack kitchen.


Ordering the materials

Once you have the measurements ready to get your quote for the materials, occasionally your cabinet maker will be happy to order the flatpack kitchen for you. Alternatively you can arrange to do the design and ordering through a designer with the Cabinetry supplier of your choice. You will want to ensure you have organised everything from the kickboards to the benchtops and everything in between so going through a designer or Cabinet maker will help guarantee this has been done.


We get how big this task ahead can be so the team is always here to answer any questions along the way! Contact us today on (08) 9456 3108 or sales@ekitchens.com.au and we can help get your dream flatpack kitchen under way.

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