What to look for when buying your kitchen cabinets online

26 June 2017

With everything you have to think about with kitchen renovations, it's little wonder that many people turn to the internet when it comes to ordering their cabinets. Buying kitchen cabinets online is a quick, easy way to get your renovations started from the convenience of your home and it has the added advantage of being a cheaper alternative.

Today, we'll be helping you learn more about what you should look for when purchasing your kitchen cabinets online.

Customised options

You shouldn't have to adjust your renovations to fit your cabinets - it needs to be the other way around! If you're finding that the online options you're looking at only have pre-cut sizes available, look around for more customised options. Custom kitchen cabinets give you the flexibility to have a final product which perfectly fits the space and has the specifications that you require.

Just remember that you need to measure and then measure again so you're confident you have all the dimensions just right. You can also use a carpenter to help you with the measuring up if you're worried you won't get it right.

Easy assembly

The last thing you want is to have your flat pack kitchen cabinets arrive at your door only to find that you're spending hours sweating and crying trying to make sense of the assembly instructions. You want a product which is quick to assemble and non-fiddly so you can get on with your renovations.

Even if you hire someone to assemble and install your cabinets, the easier to assemble the better as it means you're not paying for unnecessary labour costs.

Quality workmanship

Just because you're buying your kitchen cabinets online doesn't mean you should forgo quality. Make sure that the materials used in the manufacture of your cabinets are of a high quality so you can be confident they'll last the distance. Look for material which is moisture resistant given that the kitchen can be a wet area and also check for additional features such as soft close drawers and hinges. If you settle for a product with poor quality workmanship, it can be a waste of money in the long run.

Quick delivery

There's nothing more disappointing than ordering kitchen cabinets online only to discover that delivery is going to take weeks, or even months. Before you commit to buying, take a close look at how long it will take for your product to be delivered and make sure it's a reasonable time frame. You don't want your grand plans for kitchen renovations to be held up for an extended period of time due to slow delivery times.

At eKitchens, you can buy kitchen cabinets online for total convenience. Our cabinets are easily assembled and require less fixings than other products which makes your renovations a whole lot easier. Your custom order will be processed quickly and only premium materials are used during the construction process.

For custom cabinets online, contact eKitchens today on (08) 9456 3108

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