What Types of Kitchens Are Best Suited For Flat Pack Cabinetry?

13 December 2018
Ekitchens Flat Packed Kitchen Cabinets In Perth

With the various shapes, sizes, and configurations of kitchens these days, you might be wondering if your kitchen is a good fit for flat pack cabinets. If you are considering a kitchen renovation, you know just how expensive it can be and how difficult it is to stay within a budget. Many homeowners look for ways to save wherever possible, and flat pack kitchens are a popular alternative for many in Perth and WA. How do you know whether this is the right choice for your renovation?

Flat pack kitchens are not one-size fits all

There are many misconceptions out there regarding flat kitchens, and one of the most prevalent is that they are only made in one-size. When searching for a supplier for your kitchen reno, find one that provides custom flat pack cabinets. They exist! At eKitchens, we design all our cabinets to your kitchen’s exact measurements so everything fits perfectly. We don’t use modular or set sizes because we know all spaces are different and require different things.

Whether you have a galley kitchen or a u-shaped design, flat pack cabinets can be crafted specifically to fit your needs. You no longer have to settle for limited colour choices and set dimensions. There are far more customisation options today, so you can create and design your dream kitchen.

You won’t sacrifice quality for price

If you are hoping to create a luxury kitchen, you might be hesitant to choose flat pack cabinets. They tend to have a reputation as poor quality alternatives, but with today’s technology and innovations, there are premium options to match any opulent design. EKitchens cabinets are all constructed of top-quality materials that are Australian-made, so you can count on them. We use only the best tools and hardware to ensure you get the best flat pack kitchen that WA can offer.

You can potentially save thousands of dollars by choosing flat pack options over completely custom cabinetry. This could free you up to splurge on higher end appliances, more kitchen gadgets, or allow you to save for renovations on other rooms in your home. When searching for the right cabinets for your kitchen, consider flat packs but look out for super cheap options, which might be questionable quality. There are great, choice companies that can meet your needs.

Enjoy more time using your new kitchen

When your kitchen is out of commission, everything else seems to be put on hold as well. From tiny kitchenettes to impressive chef’s kitchens, they are all the energy behind a home. No matter what type of kitchen you have, it has to work as intended. Kitchen renovations can be both costly and time-consuming. A five week job can easily spiral into months of work if you aren’t careful. Flat pack kitchens are great solutions to time problems. They tend to take far less time to construct and are ready for installation quicker than custom cabinets.

Our flat kitchen orders are ready within 7 - 10 working days or 10 - 15 for fully assembled cabinets. This means you can start enjoying a brand new kitchen quicker than ever. No long weeks of waiting and waiting. If you interested in learning more and updating your tired kitchen, visit the eKitchens website to get started. We are a local Perth company that proudly builds our products right here in Canning Vale, Western Australia. You can support local, and give your Perth home the kitchen it deserves! Give us a call at (08) 9456 3108, or you can send an email to sales@ekitchens.com.au.

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