What you should know about Laminate Kitchen Benchtops

22 October 2020
Laminate Kitchen Bench top

So what is a Laminate Kitchen Benchtop? Laminate bench tops are made by compressing layers; reinforced plastic, a block of engineered moisture resistant wood like particleboard or MDF and a decorative paper sheet. With the use of decorative paper it allows a large range of choice when it comes to the colour and finish of Laminate Bench tops.

Laminate Benchtops are long lasting and water-resistant, but keep in mind they are susceptible to scratching, denting and can be damaged by excessive heat. Laminate is renowned for its ability to withstand harsh treatment and won’t be stained by spills, as well as the non-porous nature of the material it doesn’t absorb harmful bacteria and spread germs; a simple wipe down is all that’s needed to keep them clean. Laminate also doesn’t require sealant like stone or wood.

Pricing; One of the most appealing aspects of Laminate Kitchen Bench-tops is the price. Compared to other popular bench tops options such as stone, laminate is a fraction of the cost. Given the easy installation process for laminate, you can do it yourself or hire help, even hiring someone to install your laminate top, it will still be cheaper than any stone installation. If you like the appearance of stone, some laminates have been designed specifically to look like stone, but without the price tag.

When it comes to the look of your Kitchen, the bench top has a major part to play. Laminate Benchtops typically come in 38mm or 33mm thick but some supplies also offer ranges in 20mm, with that to think about you should also consider the edge profile available for your Laminate top, usually they have a more rounded edge to ensure the laminate doesn’t crack or split; Some bench tops come with an edge round as little as 3mm by 3mm but not all colours are available in this style, which may not provide the overall look you are wanting to achieve. 

You won’t have to search far to find a local, reliable supplier that will be able to give you expert advice and recommendations on Laminate bench top options. Laminate is widely available across Australia and worldwide.

Overall Laminate Benchtops are a great versatile and cost effective option, with such a large range of choice you will be able to find a Laminate Bench top that meets your expectations. Laminate Bench tops are also a great option for your Laundry, Bathroom and Study.  

eKitchens offers a large of Laminate bench tops such as Laminex, Quadra, Egger and much more. If you need any help with Laminate Kitchen Bench tops or your next renovation reach out the eKitchens, our local Perth team will be able to help you create your dream space within your budget.

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