When is the best time to buy flat pack cabinets?

28 November 2022

The cabinet making industry can be a very busy one throughout the year and especially towards the end of the year. Like most companies, Flat pack cabinet suppliers will close down over the Christmas Holidays to give there staff a well deserved break. Unfortunately though, this time of year is when most people decide to renovate the house/kitchen. Maybe the family is visiting for Christmas, or maybe they have more time due to school holidays and their own Christmas break from work. Whatever the reason, this means there is a large influx of orders for flat pack cabinet suppliers from around October through to January and the pressure is then risen on these flat pack cabinet suppliers, to get these orders to the clients before COB for the Christmas break.


What we usually find is early-mid year (March through to August) is generally the quietest time of year for incoming orders, making it the best time to order your new flat pack cabinets. Ordering during this time allows the flat pack cabinet supplier to really focus on your order personally and have a bit more face to face time with the clients, as the pressure on them to get an overwhelming amount of orders completed is much lower. Turn around times are usually faster during this period as well, meaning you can get your renovation completed a lot quicker and don’t have to worry about delayed production times. As this is usually a much calmer time of year to order your flat pack cabinets, clients tend to find the process smoother and not as stressful.


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