When Should You Update Your Painted Kitchen Cabinets?

20 August 2019

At eKitchens we understand that your kitchen is often the heart of your home. Most people spend countless hours in the kitchen, not just eating and preparing meals, but also socialising and enjoying the company of family and friends. 

And if you’re like most people, you want everything in your kitchen to be perfect—painted kitchen cabinets included.

You might be resistant to the idea of switching out cabinets simply because your current ones seem to be fine. However, there are many good reasons you may want to switch to a new set of painted cabinets or, at least, painted cabinet doors. 

Here are a few scenarios when you should consider switching out your cabinets.

1.) When your existing kitchen cabinets or cabinet doors are damaged

If you live in an old home or one that isn’t maintained properly, fixtures around your kitchen may have suffered from the effects of thousands of prepared meals. Cooking, food preparation, and dishwashing produce a lot of moisture that can easily cause mould spores to grow virtually everywhere in your kitchen. Wood and pressboard fixtures can expand with the moisture and permanently deform.

When this happens to your cabinet doors, you might find that you have difficulty closing them properly. You might even find them crumbling or rotting away if you don’t do regular maintenance on them.

In some cases, it’s often best to just replace one or all of the cabinets, especially if they’ve already depreciated in any value and aren’t worth the time and money to repair. Our painted cabinet doors can be a great solution if you’re on a budget but still want your kitchen looking its very best.

2.) If your cabinets, panels, or doors don’t match the rest of your kitchen

Sometimes we have kitchen cabinets that simply don’t look good enough for our kitchen. Either the ones you have are clearly the wrong choice, or they simply don’t have the look or textures that flatter the rest of your kitchen. Given how often you’ll find yourself in the kitchen, you could be entirely justified in getting new cabinets or doors.

3.) If you want your cabinets to be in a specific colour

Speaking of painting in the exact shade that you want, colours can be quite powerful in the way that they affect your mood. It’s always a good thing to have your personal spaces be in the exact colour or colour combinations that you feel appeal to you the most. 

We have a wide range of stock neutral colours which can work great for most people who just want something that matches their walls. We also offer computer colour matching so that you can have painted cabinets and doors in the exact shades you need.

4.) If you want all your cabinet doors to be matched with each other

Sometimes we end up with odd kitchen cabinets, which can be fine if you’re into a certain look. However, this don’t always end up looking right most of the time because such replacements are often unplanned and ad hoc. This ends up making your kitchen look less than perfect, which can be upsetting since you typically have to use the kitchen every single day.

In these cases, you can have us custom make a cabinet door or panel in the exact measurements that you specify. We can even paint them in the exact shade that you need.

5.) You are redoing your entire kitchen

If you’re considering doing over your entire kitchen, adding new cabinets or newly painted cabinet doors are often the most cost-effective ways to completely overhaul both the look and functionality of your kitchen. As any seasoned homemaker will tell you, you can never have too many cabinets.

6.) If your current cabinets are worn out or unfinished wood 

As we mentioned earlier, regular kitchen activity tends to generate a lot of humidity, which often creates the perfect environment for mould to grow. If you have an unfinished wood cabinet or if the finish has worn or flaked off, the woodgrain can provide an excellent place for all types of mould to grow, including many types that are hazardous to your health.

If you have these types of kitchen cabinets, it might be advisable to have them professionally repainted, or replace them altogether. This will not only prevent the possibility of a mould infestation in your kitchen but also help you avoid fungal infections and respiratory illnesses.

Why choose eKitchens for your painted kitchen cabinet doors?

Whatever you might need for your kitchen, we can deliver:

1.) Simpler, more robust construction

We use tried-and-tested mortise and tenon construction, which means our cabinets have fewer components and fewer things that can fail. This also makes for much easier assembly, should you choose to assemble them yourself.

2.) Cabinets and doors can be made to your measurements

Unlike some other businesses, we do not have set sizes. We make cabinets, panels, and doors in the exact measurements you provide. This means they will fit and be perfectly at home in your kitchen. 

3.) Precision-made products

We use state-of-the-art CNC machines to produce cabinets, doors, and other fixtures that are precise down to the millimetre. This means no awkward readjustments when your cabinets and doors arrive.

4.) Choose your colour

Choose from our wide selection of colours or have custom-matched colours. The number of colours and hues you can have on your painted kitchen cabinets are virtually limitless.

5.) Cabinets and doors can be pre-assembled or flat-packed

We know that assembling furniture and fixtures can be a pain sometimes. We also know that a lot of you prefer to do it yourselves. eKitchens gives you the choice to do either.

6.) Quality domestically produced materials

We only use 16mm High Moisture Resistant particle board that’s made right here in Australia. This gives your cabinet panels and doors incredible resilience against mould and moisture, the biggest threat to kitchen fixtures everywhere.

We might take them for granted, but we use our kitchen cabinets every day. They do more than just store our daily kitchen essentials, they help us truly enjoy our time in the kitchen

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