When Things Look Black: How to Create that perfect Noir Kitchen

1 October 2020
Black Noir Kitchen from eKitchens Midland

There’s no doubt that black has been an emergent décor in interior design over the last three years. Once the exclusive choice of a select few, black kitchens are showing up more and more through online blogs and popular design magazines.


If you are planning a new kitchen, or simply a new kitchen makeover, there has been increasing support to the use of black. It’s a striking and bold look that teams well with whites, greys and woodgrain decors. With an increasing industry range of kitchen appliances, sink and tap fittings, handles and even hinges in this darkest of finishes, it’s easy to see why this look has reached its moment.

EKitchens have noted the trend, and supply the option of black internals and hinges to its range of cabinets, and added to its online range of sinks and taps to match this sophisticated look.

Don’t miss the jet-black J-Scoop – It’s a great way to add strong black lines across your cabinetry, and acts as an effective and practical recess for opening base cabinet doors and drawers. As a modern slimline alternative, consider the Furnipart Straight edge range of handles in varying sizes. They have a brushed Black satin metal finish perfect for avoiding finger marks, while providing discrete easy grip.

When selecting door finishes in black, it’s important to consider texture and the way black reflects light. Don’t be afraid to match up different textures of back to enhance the depth and appeal of your kitchen.

Upper cabinets and tall cabinets will be closer to eye level and face greater amounts of natural light. It’s in the nature of dark surfaces to be more reflective. Be prepared to maintain increased cleaning for these surfaces. A good tip is to use textured or ultra-matt surfaces such as Stylelite Acrylic ‘Carbon’ in a Tru Matte finish, or Laminex’s ‘Absolute Matte Black’ at eye level as these decors are brilliant at repelling finger prints and have near invisible joins.

For base cabinets, there are a greater degree of shadows and reduced light levels. Consider gloss or natural finishes to enhance reflections, as these areas are less visible to finger marks and reflected light.

In benchtops, there are a range of textured finish stones that reduce the need for regular polishing. EKitchens showrooms display a wide range of differently performing materials suited to a wide variety of uses in black and near-black decors in laminate, acrylic, vinyl and painted doors, metal splashbacks and stone to ensure your sophisticated black kitchen, bathroom, study or indeed any interior renovation stays looking its best. ⌂

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