Why you should choose flat pack cabinets

28 November 2022

Everyone spending more time at home means they’re looking for things to do in the home while they can…this includes renovations of all sorts. If you’re looking at doing your next renovation project, you need to work out the best type of cabinetry for your needs. If you have a budget to stick to then flat pack cabinets are perhaps where you should start. This option is an excellent option for all projects and is budget friendly too, meaning you can complete that renovation without breaking the budget.


Budget Friendly

Renovations can be massive projects and the budget side of things can spiral out of control quickly. Flat pack cabinets are an excellent choice if you are wanting to try save money wherever you can while still getting the result of high quality products.  If you’re handy with basic tools then why not DIY and assemble the flat pack cabinets yourself, rather than paying additional money to have someone assemble them for you. Transportation will also work out more affordable due to flat pack cabinets being much easier to transport compared to assembled cabinets. Reducing the costs of the cabinetry by choosing flat pack cabinets means you can spend that money elsewhere on big ticket items that complete the kitchen, like that dream fridge or fancy handles you are wanting.


Easy Assembly

Assembling flat pack cabinets yourself is becoming more and more easier these days, here at eKitchens all of our cabinetry is manufactured with mortise & tenon construction. This construction method makes things a lot easier for the DIY person to assemble the flat pack cabinets themselves as the mortise & tenon act as a guide, not to mention it provides a more stable and stronger cabinet.


High Quality

Flat pack cabinets have evolved over time from the flimsy chipboard products that would flake and chip into a much higher quality product these days. The durability of flat pack cabinets is a lot better meaning they now last a lot longer because of this. There are still some lower quality flat pack cabinets around though so be careful when purchasing yours to make sure you are purchasing your flat pack cabinets from a reputable supplier.



A lot of flat pack cabinet suppliers only offer modular sizes but you do also have the option of going through a supplier who can provide you with custom made flat pack cabinets. This means the flat pack cabinets will be made to fit your space perfectly and will make the installation easier for you and allow you to utilise as much space as possible.


eKitchens can provide you with exceptional quality flat pack cabinets and custom made to suit the sizes you need. Our flat pack cabinets are manufactured using 16mm High Moisture Resistant Particleboard and come complete with soft closing hardware. If you’re looking at doing your next project and in need of flat pack cabinets, benchtops or cabinet doorscontact us today on (08) 9456 3108 or sales@ekitchens.com.au and our team will be happy to assist.

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