Kitchen Design Ideas


What a year it is to install your brand-new dream kitchen with so much currently to offer both with finish and functionality. Ekitchens is always on the lookout for new and functional cabinetry solutions and this year is no different, there has been a wide range of new products and we are proud to already have then on our website.


To help design your new kitchen we have put together the current trends for 2019 - 2020.


1. Monochrome Tones

We're anticipating a continuing rise in popularity of grey, black and white tones in the kitchen. These colours can work to varying degrees, whether it's entire cabinets, worktops or appliances in various details and accents such as kitchen accessories. Black and White have always been popular finishes, last year we saw an increasing demand for greys and we expect that demand for grey surfaces of all shades to be a trend for 2019/20. We are seeing a lot of 2 tone kitchens with overhead cabinets being a contrasting colour.


2. The Industrial Style

The Industrial Style that has grown in recent years, we particularly saw this in Scandinavia and the trend looks set to continue in 2017 Characterized by exposed bricks, pipes and minimalist furniture are all contributing to the trend, if you wish to set out for an industrial style start from the ground up consider removing those floor tiles and go for an exposed/honed concrete floor to really make a bold statement.


3. Handleless Cabinets

The overall linear look is proving very popular in today's modern kitchen, and we will continue to see more plain and handless doors for a simple yet modern style, predominantly in gloss and satin finishes in grey or neutral earthy hues. The traditional grained timber and timber effects will also become more popular thanks to the increase in colour options, and this will only continue to grow as homeowner's desire a look that is both sleek and flexible


4. Importance of Functionality

With our busy lifestyles and keeping an eye on our budgets, we are noticing a demand for high quality functional accessories. Top of our list is a quality bin cabinet for example SIGE and Wesco Bins provide optimal solutions for waste management. SIGE Spice Racks and Corner Pull out units are also currently very popular. 


5. Copper / Timber Accents

The main trend in colour right now is towards grey and earthy tones with homeowners opting for simple, neutral coloured kitchen designs that will stand the test of time. In 2018 all shades of grey in cabinets and doors will continue to be in high demand and we are expecting to see more copper coloured handles, accessories and appliances coming through as people try to find alternatives to stainless steel and black to complement their cabinets.


Want more inspiration? Get in touch with one of our designers and book a consultation or email or questions, plans or ideas and we will be happy to assist. You’ll be pleased what we come up with!