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Bonlex Vinyl Wrapped - Overhead Cabinet - 2 Doors

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  • 16mm Laminex HMR (highly moisture resistant) Cabinet
  • 18mm MR MDF Vinyl Wrapped Doors
  • Blum Soft Closing Hinges
  • Screws and Shelf Supports
  • All Holes are Pre-Drilled
  • Tongue and Groove Construction
  • Custom Made to your Measurements
  • Flat Packed or Pre-Assembled 
  • Locally Made in W.A
  • Shipping Australia Wide Available

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Vinyl Wrapped Doors are 18mm thick MR (Moisture Resistant) MDF Thermo-laminated with Bonlex Vinyl on the front surface and edges with a white melamine backing resulting in a sealed door. Bonlex vinyl is made in Japan and is internationally recognised as the world leaders in thermoplastic foils. 

eKitchens are a major supplier of Custom Made Cabinetry for WA's Cabinet Makers, Builders and DIY Renovators.

All cabinets are manufactured to the highest standard using only Australian Made 16mm Laminex HMR Particleboard. All cabinets are edged with matching 1mm ABS Edging.

Each cabinet is manufactured with a Tongue and Groove construction method which makes it the easiest cabinet to assemble and is the most durable.

How to enter dimensions? Please enter carcass size only, not including doors or any voids you may wish to use. Please refer to second image.

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Carcass Material

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Premium Laminex Black Pearl HMR PB 16.5mm Premium Laminex White Pearl HMR PB 16.5mm Water Proof White Carcass
Door Design

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VT101 VT111 VT118 VT125 VT131 VT132 VT134 VT136 VT139 VT143 VT144 VT150 VT201 VT202 VT205 VT206 VT207
18mm MR MDF Door Material

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Laminex MR MDF 18mm - White Pearl on back Premium Laminex MR MDF 18mm - Black Pearl on back
Vinyl Door Colour

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Bonlex - Alabaster - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Alabaster - Satin Finish Bonlex - Alley Way - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Antique - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Antique - Satin Finish Bonlex - Battalion - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Battalion - Satin Finish Bonlex - Black - Satin Finish Bonlex - Bouari Gold - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Cafe Allegro - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Caribbean White - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Clamshell - Satin Finish Bonlex - Classic White - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Classic White - Gloss finish Bonlex - Classic White - Satin Finish Bonlex - Cocoa Allegro  - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Designer White - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Designer White - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Designer White - Satin Finish Bonlex - Grigio - Satin Finish Bonlex - Ink - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Ink - Satin Finish Bonlex - Luna - Satin Finish Bonlex - Malibu - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Malibu - Satin Finish Bonlex - Mitilo - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Mitilo - Satin Finish Bonlex - Mustang - Gloss Finish Bonlex - New Black - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Paperbark - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Parchment - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Parchment - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Parchment - Satin Finish Bonlex - Peltro - Satin Finish Bonlex - Piccolo - Satin Finish Bonlex - Royal Oyster - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Royal Oyster - Satin Finish Bonlex - Spada - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Spada - Satin Finish Bonlex - Spruce - Satin Finish Bonlex - Tusk - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Tusk - Texture Finish Bonlex - Vongole - Satin Finish Bonlex - White - Gloss Finish Bonlex - White - Satin Finish
Hinges - All

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Hinges - Blum Inserta Hinge and Plate 110 Degree Hinges - Blum Inserta Hinge and Plate 110 Degree - Onyx Hinges - Blum Inserta Hinge and Plate 120  Degree - UNSPRUNG Hinges - Blum Inserta Hinge and Plate 155 Degree Hinges - Blum Inserta Hinge and Plate 155 Degree - Onyx Hinges - Blum Inserta Hinge and Plate 155 Degree - UNSPRUNG No Hinges
Edge Profile

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2mm Edge Profile 6-1 Edge Profile 6mm Edge Profile Bevel Edge Profile No Edge Profile

Customise Product

Part: Overhead Shelf Adjustable 16.5mm


Part: Door Overhang

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