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Cutlery Trays


Are you searching for Cutlery Trays Perth? We have the perfect cutlery tray for your new kitchen!

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At eKitchens we carry a huge range of cutlery trays that will suit any size drawer up to 900mm wide.

Keeping up with our quality standards for every single product we either manufacture and or supply the cutlery trays are no different, we spent a while trying to source a tray that is functional, unique and elegant - We found SKY Cutlery Trays. Sky Cutlery Trays are manufactured in Germany.

The Sky Cutlery Trays can be cut to size for a perfect fit no matter what size drawers you have (max 900mm).

They’re Easy to Install too!

Each Cutlery tray is available in White and Grey.

Organization starts beings here, not just for cutlery, you can also use these trays for all your cooking utensils resulting in an organized kitchen.

Sky Cutlery trays are suitable for both residential and commercial kitchens.  

Can’t find a Cutlery Tray here? Get in contact with us (08) 9456 3108, we have highly recommended suppliers for all types of cutlery trays. Wholesale savings may apply too!


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