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Are you searching for Kitchen Hinges Perth? We stock all Blum Soft Closing Hinges here!

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At ekitchens, we carry an extensive range of kitchen door hinges and plates for all door applications. The hinges we stock are heavy duty and are regarded by many in the industry as the best hinge system in the world, what brand you ask? BLUM a German Manufacturing Company that boasts quality, functionality and leading applications for all cabinet motion applications.

Do you want Soft Closing? E kitchens and Blum are your Answer. Blum are regarded as being the world’s best soft closing hinge suitable for all internal cabinetry applications, for home and office. Blum hinges are made in Germany.

The Blum Soft Closing Hinge we proudly stock and supply is the Blum Insterta, this clever hinge is tool-less meaning you can install the hinge to the door without any tools! it features a clever lever that with a simply push down secures the hinge to the door, if you want to remove the hinge simply lift the lever up and the hinge comes off – clever isn’t it!  

If you have existing doors and would like to swap out the old hinges with new Soft Closing Hinges then we stock all the hinges here in Canning Vale in the thousands! Keeping in mind not all doors are drilled for Blum hinges, to find out open your doors and look inside the cup of the hinge you should see a brand, if it says Blum, excellent, your cabinets were supplied with quality hardware and you shouldn’t have a problem swapping those hinges out for the new Blum Soft Closing Hinges. If your cabinet door hinges are of a different brand then don’t worry chances are you may still be able to swap them out and replace with our Blum Soft Closing Hinge, either give us a call or bring in a door and we will be able to check for you while you wait and help you either way.

Remember our when ordering cabinets and doors online we already include Blum Soft Closing Hinges and Plates so please, no need to purchase hinges here!

Can’t find a kitchen hinge online? Give us a call as we do stock all hinges for all applications, door heights and functionalities – we are here to assist.

Hettich Hinges are another quality brand and we do stock most of their hinges so if your existing cabinet doors have Hettich Hinges then not a problem we can easily supply you with soft closing hinges.

Don’t know which hinge to use? Give us a call and we can help you with your project on (08) 9456 3108


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