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Did you just search Wardrobes Perth? Well you have found a WA manufacturing business that lets you order complete custom-made wardrobes online or in store Flat Packed or Fully Assembled! 

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eKitchens is a web-based manufacturing business located in Perth WA giving Cabinet Makers, Builders, Designers and Home DIY Renovators the ability to order Flat Packed Custom Made Wardrobe Cabinets and Wardrobe Accessories online.

Each wardrobe cabinet you see here is customizable in Height, Width and Depth! this means no matter how unique your wardrobe space is our cabinets will be able to fit perfectly into place and maximize the total area – no more gaps or wasted space.  

As you can see we are your one stop shop for all your wardrobe needs, check out our extensive Wardrobe range along with our premium selection of wardrobe fittings and upgrades. We only source quality materials and wardrobe accessories that have been manufactured to last.

All our wardrobe cabinets are made to order right here in WA using Australian Made Laminex 16mm HMR (High Moisture Resistant) Particle Board with matching 1mm ABS edging.

All our wardrobe cabinets are machined using a mortise and tenon (tongue and groove) construction method which means they are easy to assemble, highly durable, and uses up to 90% less fixings compared to other flat packs in WA.


The Choice is Endless…

Walk in Robes are becoming more popular than ever and by ordering your wardrobe cabinets flat packed online we have your needs covered. Each wardrobe is custom made and suit both free standing and built in.  

Built in Robes are also very popular now, gone are the days of a shelf and hanging rod behind sliding doors! customers are now seeking a more modern and functional wardrobe solution. Building in your wardrobes means you will be able to utilize the maximum space and achieve a sophisticated look when the doors are closed.

MAXIMISE Space regardless of your room size by using our system we can manufacture the perfect fit for your wardrobe space. Take the time, draw your current wardrobe and look at the cabinets and see what would work best.


DIY Wardrobes are a great way to get exactly what you want while saving money and having a finished wardrobe that is built to last and looks professionally installed.

Even though our wardrobe cabinets are easy to assemble and install you may wish to use a local cabinet maker or carpenter! because we supply local WA cabinet makers and carpenters with custom made cabinetry chances are we have one near you that would love to meet you, measure, order and install your custom-made wardrobe – just give us a call and we will pass on our recommendations.

How are our wardrobes put together? Easy! We use a mortise and tenon construction method also known as “tongue and groove” and secured with enclosed 45mm chipboard screws. Our construction method is superior to what is currently on the market here in WA.  It’s so easy to assemble due to the parts locking together you’re unable to make a mistake - reminds us of a jigsaw puzzle.


Are you a CABINET MAKER or CARPENTER? By using our online ordering system means you can dramatically reduce your overheads and deliver outstanding quality cabinetry to your customers. No more worrying about how to buy new machines, servicing, breakdowns or learning complicated software. With our huge buying power means you get to also gain access to these low prices. We have a showroom located in Canning Vale which you can use free of charge to meet your clients discussing designs, colours and hardware options.  


When ordering custom made wardrobe cabinets online we include all the assembly hardware, labelled and boxed making your assembly as smooth as possible. All Cabinet Doors and Drawers are Soft Closing and will arrive pre-drilled making assembly a breeze.

If you have any questions we are here to help, so send us an email or pick up the phone (08) 9456 3108 and we will be happy to help.

Leading WA Flat Packs Cabinet Supplier…

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