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Broom Cabinets


We offer custom made broom cabinets with painted doors (Water-Based), these cabinets are ideal storage solutions for your home or office.

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Painted kitchen cabinet doors (Water-Based) are a great option for high-end new homes or renovations and with an unlimited colour range, it’s unmatched compared to other doors.

Water-Based Paint in Comparison to Polyurethane Paint is considered far superior due to the many beneficial factors that Polyurethane Paint is unable to achieve. The highlight of Water-Based Paint being how much more environmentally friendly it is because of the low VOC levels, compared to Polyurethane Paint which contains multiple toxic chemicals.

We have taken the initiative to no longer offer 2 Pack Polyurethane Paint, mainly due to the potential harmful effects traditional 2 Pack Polyurethane Paint may have on both home owners and our in-house spray painters who work with this product every day.

Water-Based Paint is highly regarded and sought after because of this, along with many other benefits which include;

  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Low VOC
  • Safer Air Quality for our Employees
  • Safer Air Quality for Home Owners
  • No Solvents Required
  • Faster Drying Times
  • Stronger Colour Retention & Quality
  • Reduced Flammability Risk
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