Top tips for designing your custom kitchen cabinets in Perth

28 November 2022
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Designing your brand-new kitchen seems like a daunting task. Trying to DIY your kitchen renovations Perth can be stressful enough, let alone creating a new layout and creating your ideal space that is both functional and beautiful. 

Surprisingly it is easier than you think! You will find plenty of companies that will provide you with design consults and help you design your brand-new kitchen and then supply you with the products to fit the kitchen. However, most of these places will supply pre-set size cabinets, limiting your design options. 

Custom kitchen cabinets Perth is a great option to avoid these limited designs and open yourself up to a wide range of choices for your new kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets may sound expensive, but you will find they are not much more than your prefabricated kitchens. Custom kitchens = larger cabinets and fewer filler pieces! Creating a smoother look and a lower price. 

Below, you will see our top tips for designing your custom kitchen cabinets in Perth! 


Design your cabinets to fit the space – not the other way around

The most obvious benefit of custom cabinetry is that you can design and order your cabinetry to suit the space you have available. This cabinetry can make all the difference to all kitchens, especially small ones! When you create your design, work alongside your designer, to ensure that the cabinets are going to accentuate the space you have, after all, you don’t want the area to be cramped.

When designing, look at the type of cabinets that are available to you and select their sizing based on what will be the most functional for you. Corner cabinets are great for corner areas, but why make the corner cabinet bigger when you can make the 2 door or drawer cabinet bigger and easier to access?

Custom cabinets will also allow you to adjust the heights of your cabinets, meaning if you’re very tall or very short, your bench height can suit you and ensure using your kitchen is comfortable.


Keep your filler panels as practical sizes

The benefits of a custom kitchen are many, but an important perk for ordering custom is that you can pick the size of your panels. This again relates to designing your cabinets to fit the space you have, meaning more cabinets, and fewer panels

With prefabricated cabinets, you will find that these are set sizes and if you need to make them smaller to fit the space for your new kitchen, you will need to cut them down. There could be additional costs to cut these filler panels down, especially if you have a cabinet maker in Perth, completing the job. You also will be paying for a lot of materials you don’t need. More wastage also increases the cost of your disposal. 

When designing your custom kitchen cabinets Perth, ensure you order your scribes and panels at a size that suits you. Yes, you may still need to plane down the panel or scribe slightly as your flooring or walls may not be level, but at least you do not have to take massive amounts off! 


Design your space wisely

Limited space can mean limited storage. As we mentioned above, you don’t want to end up with kitchen storage so small that you can’t fit all your pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Smaller kitchens can cause issues with space, but when designing your custom kitchen cabinets, ensure you optimise the space you have available. This is not only about putting the biggest cabinets possible in the space, but also about ensuring that your layout is functional. 

Pull-out drawers are a great option as it makes it much easier to access your utensils instead of having to climb to the back of a cupboard to find them. Or even use a corner carousel in your corner cabinets to ensure you have access to everything you have stored in the cupboard. 

The main benefit of designing a custom space, means that you can customise almost every part of your kitchen for example when designing your drawer cabinets, do you need 2 equal drawers to allow space for pots and pans? What about 1 small and 2 large drawers for your cutlery and extras? Think about what will work best in your space and for the items you are going to be storing in your cabinets. 


Consider your current kitchen

When designing your new custom kitchen cabinets, why not look at your current kitchen as a starting point? You spend a lot of time in this space and may have a list of what you love about it or what parts you may dislike. 

Is your bin too far away from the sink? Is your microwave sitting on the bench top and you don’t want it there? Could you use a little more bench space or maybe need a breakfast bar to have those quick meals? 

Start with a list of the pros and cons of your current kitchen and bring this to your design consult so you can remember what you need to include and avoid. What is the point of designing a beautiful new kitchen if you forget to change something that may annoy you every time you use it?


Here at eKitchens, our experienced kitchen designers are delighted to help you in designing your custom kitchen cabinets to transform your new space. During a design consult, our designers will show you your available options, provide suggestions on creating a functional space and even help you stick to your budget! 

We can provide you with a reliable and good-quality product ordered online and completely from the comfort of your own home! We provide custom-made cabinetry so you can achieve the final look you have always wanted in your kitchen without the designer price tag. It most definitely is kitchens made easy. 

 If you would like to book a design consult and get started on the kitchen of your dreams, get in touch with us today at (08) 9456 3108 or pop us through an email at

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