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Laminated Cabinet Doors - Polytec

Thinking about buying new Laminated Doors? Great, check out our huge range!

Is your kitchen looking and feeling a little dated? well now you can easily order new replacement kitchen doors for your home or office and it’s a lot cheaper than you think.

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With over 50 modern and traditional melamine colours and textures to choose from and with the range expanding on a regular basis you’ll be able to find the right door to suit your style perfectly thanks to brands like Polytec. Melamine Doors are Ideal for all areas of the home or office and due to their highly durable nature they’re a great option for rental and high traffic areas, combine this with being cost-effective you can see why Polytec doors are popular.

Gone are the days of “iron on” edging that falls off – we only supply Melamine doors with matching 1mm ABS edging. All Polytec doors and panels seen here are 16mm thick with matching 1mm ABS edging to all edges to complete an almost seamless look.

What’s great is you can replace your kitchen cabinet doors online from the comfort of your home and receive them within 5 business days all ready to renew life into your kitchen. If you're not too handy with a tape measure and worried about making a mistake with ordering then you can bring in all your old kitchen doors and we will manufacture you brand new doors making your kitchen facelift a breeze!


Advantages with ABS Laminate Doors


  • Durability: High durability
  • Colours Available: Extensive  
  • Finishes Available: Extensive
  • Price Range: Very cost effective compared to other doors
  • Manufacturing Location: Australia



x  Unable to have designs on face.

            Recommendations: Vinyl Doors or Painted Doors

x  Gloss Levels are not as high compared to other doors

            Recommendations: Vinyl, Acrylic or Painted Doors


You can check out these doors in our showroom

Remember if you have any questions we are here to help, so send us an email or pick up the phone and call us now! (08) 9456 0165.

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