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Internal Drawers


Are you searching for Internal Kitchen Drawers Perth? We stock Blum and Noble Internal Drawers for both new and existing cabinets!


At ekitchens, we carry an extensive range of internal kitchen drawers, Blum being the most popular. We stock all sizes and we include the supply and manufacture of the bottom, back and any front and side rails.

Internal Drawers are very popular with customers seeking a more minimalist appearance to their cabinetry. Seen mostly in the kitchen it must be reminded that the internal drawers are also a great idea for any bathroom vanity, wardrobe or office for when you need to quickly access small items.

Drawer inside a Drawer, another popular and trending application in both residential kitchens and bathrooms is having small shallow drawers above a deeper large drawer. By having a drawer inside a drawer, you can capitalize on the wasted space deep drawer to store all your small items.  

Blum and Finista Internal Cupboard Drawers can help you achieve extra storage while maintaining a minimalistic finish. The Internal Draw options are becoming popular however we see this more evident in Pantry Cabinets. By including a bank of 4 Pot Internal drawers in your pantry makes every day cooking and prep a lot easier without having to try and sort through your shelves knocking over things while trying to grab something at the back – by having internal drawers simply pull the drawer grab your item and push the drawer back, how simple and convenient is that?  

All Internal Drawers are soft closing and rated to carry between 30kgs (Blum) and 40kgs (Finista). Blum drawers can be upgraded to 65kgs weight rating, all you need to do is let us know and we will swap out the runners to heavy duty runners, a small fee will apply (approx. $20 + GST).

Are you happy with you existing kitchen but would like extra storage? We can help you! Thanks to this website you can order custom made internal drawers and have them ready for pickup or delivery within 3 – 5 working days!


How to order?

  1. Select your preferred brand Blum or Finista
  2. Simply select the desired depth drawer runner you can fit
  3. Enter your internal cabinet width in mm

It’s that easy! we will calculate and manufacture the drawer bottom, backs and front brackets. EASY


Tell me the differences between BLUM AND FINISTA!

Blum Internal Drawers – Made in Germany, Lifetime warranty is a premium product regarded as the best drawer system in the world. Holds up to 35kgs but can be upgraded upon request to 65Kgs (extra costs apply).  

Finista Internal Drawer – Made in China, Lifetime warranty. Rated to hold up to 40kgs and is a tried and tested product and is approximately 25% cheaper.

Need help? Give us a call and we can help you with your project on (08) 9456 3108


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